Mehmet Güneş İnş. Yat. San. ve Tic. Inc. was established when Mehmet Güneş personally started construction and contracting works in 1970 ,passed through the various stages so far and became successful at construction and reconstruction and undertook important duties in the development in Turkey.

While Mehmet Güneş Private Company were continuing his activities in superstructure and infrastructure works after 1982, Mehmet Güneş served as the founding partner and Chairman of the Board of multi-partner companies.

Firstly, in 1992, Mehmet Güneş Private Company is converted to Mehmet Güneş Construction Trade and Industry Ltd. Şti and then it has got transformed to Mehmet Güneş İnş. Yat. San. ve Tic. Inc.

After the transformation expanding and developing its fields of activity as a new family company under the management of Güneş Family and chaired by Mehmet Güneş, Mehmet Güneş İnş. Yat. San. ve Tic. Inc. continued its undertakings in the fields of infrastructure, superstructure, industrial facility, tourism, project, energy and free trade.

Mehmet Güneş İnş. Yat. San. ve Tic. Inc has been accepted as a symbol of “reliability” by both public and private sector since its establishment and has been appreciated for its ability to apply the latest technology in different types of construction. The company has been continuously in the process of development, and has increased its capacity and experience with every job it has been installed. The technical personnel and the machinery park within the company also showed great development year by year.

The most important ones of the principles that Inc. carefully protects are; quality production, honesty, disciplined work, employees, employers and the value given to their work.

Mehmet Güneş İnş. Yat. San. ve Tic. Inc. has extensive experience and technology that carries beyond the borders of Turkey and is located within the programs of other countries in all fields of engineering.