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Message From The Chairman

Huge technological developments in transportation and communication have made nations around the world closer to each other, and also accelerated their efforts to remove the borders between them. Organizations like countries have begun to work on adapting themselves to globalization and using today's technologies. Conscious of this, Mehmet Güneş İnşaat Inc. also takes care to include its experienced personnel, who have been involved in a dynamic development process with their functional structure, specialized in their fields and gained appreciation, and high-efficiency machinery and equipment.
Mehmet Güneş Construction Inc has established a quality management system in order to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, and mobilized all kinds of resources to continuously improve the effectiveness of this system and ensure its compliance with today's conditions. In this understanding, it aimed to increase the quality of our company with the participation of employees by reviewing the targets.
In the center, in our construction sites and in all projects we are working on, environmental factor, worker health and work safety are constantly taken into consideration. Our company will maintain its development that goes beyond the borders of the country and will continue its qualified services.
As Mehmet Güneş Construction Inc., we will be in continuous production and in doing so, we will never compromise the honest, principled and loving environment that exists in our company.

As a result, we love our job, our country, our company and people. We want to do and achieve the best things for this.

Mehmet Güneş, Chairman of the Board